The Dangers Of Electrostatic Electricity – An Informative Video

Welcome everyone, today we are going to learn about static electricity. And this is Paul, he works for Bekaert, the industry leader in antistatic fiber technology. Paul, how does static electricity work? Well, it is an imbalance between negative and positive charges in objects. But what does this mean? You have probably experienced it yourself […]

How the opioid crisis decimated the American workforce

MICHAEL OATES, Welder: I would wake up in the morning and take four pills and snort two. That’s just to get out of bed. PAUL SOLMAN: Michael Oates, a lifelong welder, is recovering from a 10-year opioid addiction which began when he took Vicodin for pain while working at a steel mill. Did you lose […]

Cleveland Company Welds Job Security With Profits

bjbjLULU JUDY WOODRUFF: Now, as the unemployment rate remains stuck above nine percent, NewsHour economics correspondent Paul Solman looks at a Cleveland company that has handled economic turmoil very differently. The manufacturer hasn’t laid off anyone for economic reasons since World War II. Our story is part — our story is part of Paul’s ongoing […]