How to make a seamless marble texture in Photoshop

Hello and welcome to another tutorial from Elan Creative Co. I’m Cristina and in this week’s tutorial I will show you how to create a seamless marble texture in Photoshop. Open Photoshop and create a new document. I’m going to start with a square canvas that’s 800 by 800 pixels. Make sure that the background […]

[Tip 04] 문양 금속 재질 – 캐릭터 컨셉 Metal material Shading step for ConceptArt

Drawing metal metarial on default shading Pattern (Curve adjusting …) This point should come a bit shiny … What I made now is I sent it easily from material 1 to material 2 When I did curve, the details were scattered So Create a ‘shadow layer’ from default shading by adjusting the level Combined with […]

Metal Casting Play Sand

I’m really looking forward to this project today because in this video, we get to play with sand Now, back when I made my first Mini Metal Foundry, and used it to melt down soda cans, I was looking for the most convenient and easy ways to cast that metal. You’ve seen the Styrofoam casting […]

The Katana

yep it’s a good time it’s a Japanese sword you’ve probably heard of them and certainly there are many friends of the katana out there I know this because of the comments I received on some of my other videos about swords and stuff on this video sharing site so there are any fans of […]

How To Make a Paper Pattern Template for Metal Fab & Sheet Metal – Hand-Made Fender – Eastwood

hi I’m Mike Phillips Phillips hot rods and customs in downtown Pennsylvania today we’re going to do a quick video on how to make a paper pattern what I have here is a handmade fender for a custom 1936 Ford cab over engine customer mine is building his own truck is making the Dooley so […]