MGS V: The Fulton Pain (MGS 5: The Phantom Pain parody)

-Boss. -Wha….what…..What? -We are approaching Camp Omega, prepare for infiltration. -Uhm…yeah…roger that. No no no…no no no no no!!!! Kept you…. KEPT YOU…KEPT YOU…kept you waiting uh??.. -Boss…are you okay? -Oh…i’m doing GREAT.. You woke me up in the middle of the night for this mission… and i just got a piece of sea rock […]

How to Become a Successful Metal Musician in 2019

how to become a successful metal musician in 2019 step 1 start on YouTube that’s right YouTube is where it’s at it worked for Jared dines it worked for Nik nocturnal it can work for you too it’s very hard nowadays to be in a touring band and become the next Metallica so if you […]

Nanowar Of Steel – Norwegian Reggaeton (feat. Charly Glamour & Gigatron)

Hvis lyset tar oss [If the light takes us, an album by Burzum] Viking heart, from Santo Domingo The burned church, the pinya colada Let’s go dancing with Det som engang var [What once was, album by Burzum] Cuban warrior, pagan dancer Drinking a mojito, during the sacrifice Let’s go dancing with Hellhammer and Varg! […]

Things metal guitar players say

yeah metal is the only real kind of music anyone who thinks otherwise is a poser wait so you’re charging us fifty dollars a track dude you are literally ripping us off Tyler so um yeah moving you to bass dude guitar players who learn theory have no feel or creativity and they’re playing whatsoever […]

The History Of Harnessing Electricity From Witches [with Demetri Martin]

(dramatic music) – Seven AM, in the morning, Junior technician Robert Benchler Sr arrives for work at the largest power plant on the Eastern seaboard. He sits at his desk. It’s a usual morning for Benchler. But something very unusual is about to happen. Disaster. He quickly discovers the plant is minutes away from a […]

How To Be Black Metal!

hello I am Stevie T and today we are gonna be talking about the most evil genre of music that ever existed black metal that’s right today I’m gonna teach you how to be black metal now I know what we’re all thinking how can I teach someone how to be black metal I mean […]

Gym Workout Song – “Heavy Metal Atmosphere” by Buff Dudes

Supination Pronation Words to know if you live a gym vocation Palms ascend (they ascend) Palms dump (they dump) Pretty helpful if you need a bicep pump Our knowledge (our knowledge) Your brain (your brain) Don’t overdo it or you’ll FEEL THE PAIN Food and rest (the rest) Lead to growth (the growth) Keys as […]

Heavy Metal Cats! Key of Awesome #1 (subdued electric guitar intro) ♪ You leave work early, but you’re not sick ♪ ♪ You’re racin’ home to get your fix ♪ ♪ You used to do it to relieve stress-ahhh ♪ ♪ but now you have become obsessed with ♪ ♪ Kitteeeeeeeeeeeens ♪ ♪ On the web! ♪ ♪ Ha-ha-ha, yeah ♪ […]