How to Make a Paper Popper | How to make Paper Bomb | Paper Bomb that Pops

How to Make a Paper Popper | How to make Paper Bomb | Paper Bomb that Pops

How to Roll a Joint for Beginners: A Lift & Co Guide

I’m going to teach you how to roll a basic one-paper joint. Here’s what you need: papers, a filter tip—of course, some dried, ground cannabis. Here we have some Rio Bravo from Edison Cannabis Co. Lift & Co. reviews say that this sativa-dominant strain boosts energy and creativity. Let’s start by making a filter. Some […]

Origami Instructions: Navel Shell (Tomoko Fuse)

In this video I’m going to show you how to fold a navel shell designed by Tomoko Fuse. Diagrams can be found in the book “Spiral: Origami | Art | Design” by Tomoko Fuse. It’s an absolutely wonderful book and you can check a written or a video review both by myself for more details. […]

Buddy Does Some Holiday-Themed ASMR | Mind Massage | Fuse

Hey! What’s up? It’s me, Buddy, right here on Mind Massage. [brushing] [sizzling] [buzzing] Ssh! [clacking] I’ve never seen that. So weird. I’ma be wrappin’ some gifts today for my friends because I love them. You know, the holidays is all about family and love and gifts. So let’s get a little festive. [plastic crinkling] […]

Your Origami Folds August 2015: “Rotating Tetrahedron” (Tomoko Fuse)

Hi, and welcome to ‘Your Origami Folds August 2015’. the next video in my series where I feature fotos of models you folded. This time around it is all about the rotating tetrahedron designed by Tomoko Fuse, a fun action model which I hope you had tons of fun folding, but also playing with. Felix […]

My Research: using Machine Learning to detect electricity theft

Hi, I’m Patrick, and I’m a PhD candidate I’m in my third year and I work on the detection of electricity theft using machine learning. Electricity theft is an issue all over the globe but in particular in emerging markets. If you look at Brazil, India, Pakistan, Nigeria – it’s a huge issue and what […]

Decoupage on metal tutorial – DIY Watering can decoration idea Shabby Chick

Use acetone to clean the surface. Paint the watering can with dark rose acrylic paint C0250. After drying paint the surface with Chalk acrylic paint “Lichen-green” KAD07. Leave it to dry. Moisten a Sponge in the water, wring it out, rub the surface by sponge and then rub down by dry fabric. Carefully tear the […]

The whole of AQA – ELECTRICITY. GCSE 9-1 Physics or Combined Science Revision Topic 2 for P1

Hey guys, so here’s the whole topic summary for aqa phyics electricity electricity now this has so many practicals in they are absolutely key and important if you want to list what the core practicals for this and all the other ones you can go over to website get my free version guide or you […]