Frying an egg on a stainless steel pan no sticking

use your stainless frying pan.. gas is best for better heat/flame control.. set flame to high…. mileage may vary… heat pan for 3 min….. you want the pan hot enough so the water “mercury” test will be OK… then…turn off flame…. and pour in your favourite cooking oil; 2 teaspoon will do… …swirl the oil […]

How to strip rust and paint on the cheap | Hagerty DIY

– Hello, this is Davin Reckow with Hagerty. And today I’m gonna go through a real quick, simple, and cheap way to strip all the rust and paint off of this crank pulley. So I got a little tip from a friend of mine that’s a farmer. When he cleans his milk machine, he uses […]

DIY : How to Clean stainless steel Pan || Using Vinegar,Baking Soda,Lemon #vinegarbakingsodahack

Hey guys welcome back to my channel hope you all are doing really good toh todays video is a DIY video so in this video i am going to clean this small stainless steel pan i really tried to clean it with dish washing soap and tried clean it with scrubber but it didn’t work […]

How To Install Floor Pans – Ford Model A – Metal Fabrication with Eastwood

everybody mad from eastwood the project behind me is my 1930 model a and some of the previous videos you may have seen right build a chassis from scratch and then I channeled the body down over the chassis the next part of this project is where we’re going to build for pants I want […]

How To Cook With Cast Iron

– [Narrator] We use cast iron skillets all the time in the Tasty Kitchen for a million different reasons. They’re virtually indestructible, they last forever, and unlike a lot of things you’re gonna have in the kitchen, they actually tend to get better with age. People are often a little bit intimidated by cast iron, […]

Which Pan Is Right For You?

– When cooking (fun jazzy music) in the kitchen, it’s very important to use the best tools for the job. This will ensure maximum flavor as well as optimal textures. Hi, my name’s Alexis, and today we’re going to talk about the difference between three common household pans. Let’s start with the nonstick pan. This […]

Fry Eggs on Stainless Steel Pan – EASY – By A 5-year-old #KidsCooking

Welcome to Kaisho’s Kitchen! Today we’re frying an egg in a stainless steel pan. This is Kaisho’s Kitchen! First, you need a good pan. We use All-Clad. What makes it a good pan? Heavy. And, you don’t want to burn it. And the pan must be clean. So let’s get to it! Let’s heat the […]

Cast iron cookware sets make comeback as preferred kitchen cooking utensils

hello manager all that was created a sweetie lands on cast-iron pots and pans and while you might take it for sisters of glory topic it’s really about my mother had a big black frying pan now left already know we’ve got of the teflon and there’s a problem with teflon itself lakeside fence you […]

How To Use a Bead Roller with Offset Tipping Dies – Sheet Metal Fab at Eastwood

this is a demonstration on how to use the eastwood bead roller trace the pattern onto the sheet metal place the sheet metal between the forming dies turn the tensioning bolt two revolutions make a couple straight lines to get used to the Machine have someone turn the handle while you got the metal make […]

Welding – How to MIG Weld, Troubleshoot & Repair a Door or Fender – Eastwood

as mark on today’s rd corner we’re going to teach you how to make well show your real-world application by preparedness door skin here we’re going to show you the performance of value of these units and how they can pay for themselves in the first job let’s get started all right before getting to […]