FUSE Program at SPC

The FUSE program is saving me time and money. I also get to work and live at home, which is nice. I am very happy that I chose the FUSE program because I like knowing where I’m going next, which is the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

FUSE Program: Prospective Students

Hey everyone I’m Alexis and today I want to tell you about an exciting opportunity incoming SPC students can take advantage of called Fuse. The Fuse program guarantees your admission to University of South Florida system institution with an associate’s degree from St. Petersburg College. Save time and money by starting at SPC and transferring […]

Super Expensive Metals – Periodic Table of Videos

It’s quite difficult to get into places like this. You have to remove everything metallic. I’m not even wearing a belt. I’m a bit worried that my trousers might fall down, that would be a first for Periodic Videos I’m really excited. I’ve got here more than one and a half million pounds’ worth of […]


intro Hello everyone in this video you will learn about such a metal as palladium and also about why it has disappointed me so much in periodic table of chemical elements palladium belongs to group 10 and is one of the platinum group precious metals since palladium is quite low reactive this metal naturally occurs […]

Precious Metal Refining & Recovery, Episode 10: Platinum From the Road

[Intro Music] Alright everyone, welcome back to Cody’s Lab So I got my friend Arthur here and we’re standing on the side of I-80 at 3 o’clock in the morning and we’re going to be mining some platinum from the side of the road. Got our brooms and we’re going to scoop up some dust, […]