Charissa’s Bone & Joint Story – Relief of Chronic Neck Pain

I kind of work all over the state but I like to come home at night and do my paint classes. That’s my passion, I mean that’s that’s my whole world. I had been in a car accident I was turned all the way to one side and then I was rear-ended and had some […]

Simplifying Joints In Perspective – Human Anatomy

Let’s use some real bones as reference. It’s good to have a full sized human skeleton, one cast from real bones, so that you can compare this to your actual body. But the problem is that these thing are riveted so that it doesn’t move like a human skeleton moves. There is a spool in […]

The 6 Types of Joints – Human Anatomy for Artists

The joints of the skeleton define the motion of the body and its limitations. Hey welcome to another lesson on Proko. This lesson is about the types of joints in the human body. As artists we really only need to learn the synovial joints, like the shoulder and knee, because they move. Joints that are […]

Photo Merge & Zoomify Photoshop CS3 Tutorials : Copying Layers in Photoshop CS3

Adobe Photo Shop is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated and I am in no way affiliated with Adobe. Okay, so in this tutorial here I am actually going to be talking about how to copy a layer so that we can actually create this image from start to finish and we are going […]

3D Interoperability with ‘Send To’ – PART 2 – Flame 2020.3

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. In part 1 of this series… You learnt the fundamental basics… of how to instantly exchange 3D data… between the Flame 2020.3 Update… Maya 2020 and Mudbox 2020. This was using the new “SEND TO” workflow… And the last part of the video… Went through a basic […]

Painting a Flames of War Stuka [15mm]

Greetings. I am Herbert Erpaderp and today I am going to be showing you how I painted this 15mm scale Flames of War junkers JU87 G better known as a stuka which, In my opinion one of the coolest looking and most iconic planes of world war 2. So I did start this video a […]

Photo Merge & Zoomify Photoshop CS3 Tutorials : Photoshop Layer Merging Tutorial

Adobe Photo Shop is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc., and I am in no way affiliated with Adobe. O.k., so on this clip I’m going to talk to you about merging. Earlier we were merging down, and we clicked this button, and now it’s not giving us the option, because we have these […]

The REAL Ultimate Guide To Non Metallic Metal (NMM)

What’s up guys, welcome back! When you’re first starting out with Non Metallic Metals, there are two main stumbling blocks you need to overcome before you begin to get a convincing effect. The first is contrast, and the second is highlight placement. We’ll look at contrast in a future video. But today we’re going to […]

Restoration Old Drill Press Part 2

German Restoration change direction to protect the steel brush MC-51 welding the bad crack the weld was filed and troweled The bottom plate is not straight filing and sanding would take too long much better now the contact surface is also not aligned 0:03:26.040,0:03:33.070 Aceton paint remover “Grüneck Power” After 24 hours remove “Grüneck Power” […]