VitaJoints Pain & Joint Relief Supplements

So the VitaJoints is a natural painkiller natural anti-inflammatory for really any type of pain and inflammation in the body so whether it is joint pain, arthritis sciatica, rheumatism, it could also be headaches, it could be muscle pain, it could be you know just stiffness and soreness in the body this is a natural […]

What Happens at The Joint Chiropractic

Most of us go to the dentist a couple of times a year to have our teeth cleaned, and we probably visit the doctor once a year to check our overall health. But what do we do to assure that our spine is functioning properly? Probably very little. So, what are some of the common […]

FLEXOPLEX Testimonial for Wrist Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief (2018)

Today I want to tell you about FLEXOPLEX, it’s an all-natural joint pain relief product that I came across But before I start talking about FLEXOPLEX I had several questions about the product so I called the customer service and they were very helpful and tried to answer all my questions One of the things […]

Keep Your Life Moving at The Joint Chiropractic

Life moves, until back, neck or shoulder pain brings us to a stop. That’s why there’s The Joint Chiropractic. You never need an appointment or insurance and we’re open evenings and weekends. Get an exam, consultation and adjustment for just $29.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Use a Kegel8 Toner After Surgery? | Kegel8 FAQ

How long do I have to wait to use my Kegel8 Pelvic Toner after surgery? We recommend you wait at least 12 weeks after your surgery before using your Kegel8 Electronic Toner. Speak to your surgeon or consultant for confirmation. You may wish to use the electrode skin pads rather than the vaginal probe for […]

Is It Difficult to Insert a Probe? | Kegel8 FAQ

If it’s difficult to insert the probe or it hurts to insert and remove the probe, it may be that you are not inserting it correctly or you’re not using enough lubricant. Or, that the probe you are using is just not a good size for you. We offer various probes so you can select […]

Can I Use Kegel8 While On My Period? | Kegel8 FAQ

Can my Kegel8 Electronic Pelvic Toner be used while I’m having my period? Yes, you can use your Kegel8 while you’re having your period. We do however recommend stopping during very heavy flow days; this is as the probe is more likely to move and therefore be less effective. You may wish to use the […]

How to Connect Your Probe to the Kegel8 Unit | Kegel8 FAQ

Which side of the Kegel8 controller does the probe need to be connected to? We recommend keeping channel A, on the left-hand side of the controller, for vaginal probes and channel B, on the right-hand side of the controller, for anal probes. If you have selected a programme which uses two electrode pads, insert them […]

Help! My Probe is Too Big! | Kegel8 FAQ

Which probe should you use if the one that you’ve got is too big? If you’re struggling to insert the probe that came with your Kegel8 Electronic Pelvic Toner you may consider purchasing a smaller one. The best probes to use vaginally are the Kegel8 Gold Comfort Probe – – that’s 6.5cm of insertable probe […]

TENS Unit for Low Back and Sciatic Pain (Electrode Placement)