Lynx Napoli Outdoor Oven | Pizza Oven Overview | BBQGuys

Hi , I’m Randy with Barbecue Guys. Today we’re checking out the Lynx Professional Napoli Outdoor Oven. This is a gas powered infrared oven, giving you a quick preheat & high temp range, perfect for cooking crispy pizza. Lynx designed these infrared burners to be variable temperature, allowing you to dial down the heat to […]

Ask Jase: Camp Oven Cooking, Bush Mechanics & Gearboxes► All 4 Adventure TV

Oh there we go. There’s some questions. Well I guess you know what time it is. It’s time to Ask Jase. How youse goin’. I’ve got a whole pile of questions here, because they just keep flooding in which is great. Keep them coming in. Okay so let’s start off with our Ask Jase segment. […]

DIY Dutch Oven Outdoor Cook Set For Camping Survival Emergency Cooking Cast Iron

DIY Dutch oven outdoor cook set for camping emergency cooking cast iron cooking tips hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper if you enjoy cooking with your cast-iron Dutch oven put together a cast-iron Dutch oven cooking set then it’s good for grab-and-go whether you’re going camping out to the fire pit or in an emergency cooking […]

Making a Jacob’s Ladder to Celebrate a Million Subs!

Hi. Shh. (Trying to focus.) Y-YEAH!! ((slap hands)) ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! {{burst-open party horn noise}} {{plop}} Well, this calls for two things. First, I’d like to make a celebration candle, which I’ll make out of a Jacob’s ladder; And second, …I’m gonna *give away four* of these Lulzbot mini to you, my viewers and patrons, […]

Modern extractor fans, ovens and stoves – welcome to BSH Bretten

There’s a tradition of inventiveness here… In 1877, Carl Andreas Neff along with six associates founded a “cooker and oven factory”. Today, this is the BSH site with the longest tradition and most experience and with over 1,400 employees it is one of the most important development and manufacturing sites of the cooking division. Everything […]

How To Powder Coat Glass – Great for Projects & Decorations – Eastwood

powder coatings for more than car parts and today we decided to test a few methods of powder coating glass powder coating needs a conductor to attract the powder which is why it works so well on metal glass is an insulator not a conductor in an attempt to trick the powder and sticking to […]

Learn How to Powder Coat – Techniques, Tips & Tricks PLUS Chrome Powder Demo! Eastwood

everybody ran here needs to garage thanks for joining us for another live video today we’re gonna be talking about powder coating specifically chrome powder which were actually going to live so but what are this is bo product manager for powder coating so what we’re going to do today today we’re going to talk […]