Pictures From Arizona’s Heatwave Where Literally Everything Is Melting

Pictures From Arizona’s Heatwave Where Literally Everything Is Melting. Blame it on global warming for causing extreme climate changes or just the hot, airy desert type environment of Arizona, but if you’re living or visiting Phoenix, prepare yourself, because it’s going to get hotter than hell this summer. Most people complain that their city or […]

Real Flame – Baltic Fire Table Instructional Video

Enjoy the warmth of the Baltic collection. Producing up to 50,000 BTUs of heat. The Baltic collection will quickly warm any outdoor space. Made from lightweight, heat resistance fiber cast concrete, and available in Glacier Grey and Kodiak Brown finishes. The table easily connects to a 20-pound propane tank and includes an eight-foot hose and […]

Metal Detecting An Old Mill And Homestead

Brand new spot today. I am down south and I have a friend that lined this permission up for me, now he metal detects here and he says he’s found quite a bit of stuff. He could not make it today cause unfortunately, well, he had to work. But he lined this farm up for […]

Lynx Napoli Outdoor Oven | Pizza Oven Overview | BBQGuys

Hi , I’m Randy with Barbecue Guys. Today we’re checking out the Lynx Professional Napoli Outdoor Oven. This is a gas powered infrared oven, giving you a quick preheat & high temp range, perfect for cooking crispy pizza. Lynx designed these infrared burners to be variable temperature, allowing you to dial down the heat to […]

Metal Detecting Gettysburg

New adventure today. I’m up here with Roman again and we’re gonna go digging on a brand new spot he’s never been here, I’ve never been here. Just came through the gate and we’re playing with the machines a little bit and Roman got this big iron signal. He said he don’t want it so […]

Redneck Drives a Duct Taped Car Off a Cliff!

Manliness Here’s the thing: you’re manly. Your shovels break Your pipes leak Your muffler falls off ‘Cause a Manly Man… Will not be muffled! So you need a Manly Solution, For those Manly Problems! Duct Tape is temporary And only gets you so far. It keeps the pieces together, without actually making things work again… Like […]

The Amazing Life of Sand | Deep Look

Sand is a time capsule. Every grain tells a story. Sand can be anything that’s been worn down until it’s reduced to some tiny essential fragment of what it once was. It’s a technical term. Bigger than sand? That’s gravel. Smaller? Silt. Go to beaches across the world and you find sand that looks completely […]

Simple and inexpensive DIY Firelighters

Hey guys, I used up most of my fire lighters on my last camping trip. So today, I’m going to show you a cheap and effective way to make your own using some supplies you have more than likely got lying around already. For this project we need a cup of a Vaseline, or store […]