Integrating – Merger with Peel

At United Way, who are concerned about the impact of poverty on our residents and communities across the region, poverty does not recognize boundaries. The issues in Peel, Toronto, and York Region are interconnected. For that reason, both the boards of United Way of Peel Region and United Way Toronto and York Region agreed unanimously […]

Realistic Fire & Flame Effects | Photoshop Tutorial

In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you a way to create fire effects in Photoshop. First-off we need to add an adjustment layer above our image. If the adjustment window isn’t open yet, go to Window…Adjustments to bring it up. You’ll see the adjustments window on your right bar. The adjustment you want to add […]

Black Friday Metal Detector Deals (2019)

At our annual Cyber Monday sale is now on! Check out these exclusive offers for 2019. Thanks to our no-haggle, 100% best price guarantee, you will not find lower prices or better packages anywhere online. Unsure where to Start? Big box retailers that sell everything from potato chips to video games may answer your […]

ANCA – CNC Grinding Machines, Motion Controls, and Sheet Metal Solutions

ANCA is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality innovative products and solutions. Operating for over 40 years, our products make tools and other components that contribute to almost everything you use in your daily life. ANCA, is a global business with three main business groups ANCA CNC Machines, ANCA Motion, and ANCA Sheet […]

Metal Gear Solid 4 – Victory Song

The warrior’s heart was seriously injured You were there to heal it Carrying in your back across the battlefield Haven of the heart, a book of remembrance. Believe that you will reunited With your friends one day Keep in your hearts The days of our battles. Sing a Victory Song And we’ll mark it forever […]

⚡ AWESOME SMOOTH ARC ⚡ Testwelding Hilco Basic E7018 💪🏼

Hi! I’m back again. Gert-Jan, testwelder at Hilco. Today I’m back to test weld our Hilco Basic 7018! It’s a basic-type electrode, suitable to weld fine grain steel-grades. All welding positions, except vertical down. For more information about our products, visit our website. And remember to give thumbs-up and follow us on YouTube, Instagram and […]

Heavy Equipment ICUEE Demo Expo 2019 – oem Altec Kubota, Ditch Witch, Morooka, Vacuworx

welcome back guys it’s been two years since we last saw you here at the ICUEE Expo we’re about to show you around it’s the biggest one yet this is Brad Burris our new VP of Sales at Newman tractor and he’s going to introduce you to one of our newest manufacturers: Vacuworx. thanks Meredith […]

T4E – Setup procedure for Dynasty 350 (GTAW)

Alright. Today, we’re going to be looking at setting up our Dynasty 350 for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding of carbon or stainless steel. First thing we’re going to do is hook up our leads. We have our workpiece connection which goes with this symbol here. Make sure that’s snug. We have our electrode lead which […]

Welding shop: how to tips for mig or smaw welding pipelines & spray heads!

What’s up guys today I’m going to show you how we construct the water system on our Peterbilt water truck! We just got this Peterbilt water truck and it has rear spray heads only. Our customer has requested that we have front spray heads, so we were going to be building this system all the […]