Arthritis & Osteoarthritis – Part 4: Joint Involvement Patterns in Rheumatic Diseases

Patterns of joint involvement in rheumatic diseases Are you curious about the joint involvement pattern of the most important arthropathies in adults? In the last part of this series, we’ll be looking at monoarthritis, oligoarthritis, and polyarthritis in adults. Let’s start with monoarthritis. One example is gout, which classically presents as an acute monoarthritis of […]

Arthritis & Osteoarthritis – Part 3: Patterns of Joint Involvement

Arthritis and osteoarthritis – Patterns of joint involvement Do you know the characteristic patterns of joint involvement in different arthritic diseases? We’ll be showing you just that in part 3 of our Chalk Talk series on arthritis and osteoarthritis. Knowing the patterns is quite helpful in pinpointing the type of arthritis. To first illustrate the […]

This ‘two-faced’ membrane can create electricity—from nothing but salty water

Nature loves balance. Ever sprinkle salt on a piece of eggplant? Over time, the eggplant starts to sweat out water. This happens because there is a different ratio of salt to water on the surface versus inside the eggplant, so water seeps out onto the surface to try and equalize how salty the water is […]