HUGE 200,000+ Artkal Fuse Beads HAUL!

hey guys you’re watching QDCrafts today I’m finally gonna be showing you my Artkal bead haul that I brought back from the Artkal warehouse come here my children I asked you guys how many beads you thought I brought back from the warehouse and a lot of you guessed 240,000 beads well it’s actually not […]

Melt Shaving Soap to Fit Your Bowl

Greetings! I’m Geofatboy for Shave Nation Shaving Supplies, Did you drop your shaving puck into your mug and have it be too small? Where it just spins around in a circle? you go to spin your brush into the soap and it just moves the puck all over the bottom of the mug. I […]

DIY Cork and Metal Jewelry Organizer | How to Build Tutorial

Hi, I’m Eric. And I’m Miranda. Today we’re gonna show you how we built this jewelry organizer. On Spencley Design Co. We started the project off by cross-cutting our fence planks. Now we used our table saw and cross-cut sled, however you can very easily use a miter saw, a circular saw, or even a […]

DIY Craftroom Organization: EZStudRack

Hello everyone you, Eugene Segovia with ezstudrack. We finally finished a craft room. Crafts room closet, so this was basically a room Double closet in the room and we ended up converting it to a craft room storage and Craft room stamps, cutters All that stuff that people do with the craft stuff. So all […]

Welding Up A Lumber Rack (Shop Organization)

well my lumber storage is out of control so today’s project is going to be a little bit different. I’m going to get organized and weld up a lumber rack. So what I came up with is a rack that has a maximum of six inch spacing between the shelves. This way I’ll never have […]