Product Comparison: MEGADYNE vs. Traditional Sticky Pad CQM Technology

Contact quality monitoring or cqm circuits are a great advance in safety But fallible pad site burns can still occur despite cqm technology Once a sticky pad is placed on the skin the generator alarm light turns green indicating a baseline reading if the sticky pad is peeled back from the skin far enough an […]

Surgical Prep Made Easy with MEGADYNE MEGA SOFT | ETHICON

The Megadine Mega Soft reusable patient return electrode portfolio offers easy to use reusable pads suitable for all patients sizes. The Mega Soft Universal and Universal plus pads can accommodate patients greater than 0.8 pounds. Your sales representative can help determine the appropriate pad based on your OR’s needs. The Mega Soft pad is radiolucent […]

How to Manage Surgical Effect with MEGADYNE MEGA SOFT | ETHICON

This demonstration will show the current limiting technology of the mega soft pad Resistance in the system is correlated to the proximity and the amount of contact area with the mega soft pad Here the brightness of the bulb exhibits the resistance and subsequent surgical effect The resistance in this system is correlated to the […]