Black Ops 2 | Funny Text to Speech Commentary | “Long Dick”

Hey everyone, Mr. Rager Engager here. Bringing you some highlights of one of my first black ops 2 game plays. In this video, I totally butt fuck the competition with my F.A.L. And that doesn’t make me gay because I am the one giving, not receiving. Am I right? Watch me nade the noob. He […]

Black Ops 2 DIAMOND CAMO Launchers – Diamond Launcher Camos Black Ops 2

Hey guys it’s me Vikkstar123 and I am bringing you the Diamond Camo Launchers on Black Ops 2. I know you most of you have probably already seen these, but I was getting a few messages from people saying “Can we see the Diamond Camo Launchers” so I’ve got them right here for you guys […]

Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid – part 1

I was part of an elite unit. Codename: Infinity War. We worked for ActivistSun, the world’s largest private military company. It was supposed to be a standard mission. Get in. Get out. Get paid. But ActivistSun has other plans. (flashback sounds – Ghost’s unit calling for air support) (flashback sounds – ActivistSun ordering the pilots […]

Tomoro Naviforce NF9050 Digital Analog Sturdy Stainless Steel Tactical Watch

Hello and welcome to this Simple Tech Quick review! For this short video, we are bringing you the TOMORO Naviforce NF 9050 dual analog and digital stainless steel watch. The Naviforce is a Full stainless steel body, tactical style waterproof watch that won’t break the bank! And for the build quality, this watch is actually […]