Sylatech: Casting metal parts from 3D prints

The advantage of using 3D printing is that the customer has the part in metal within a few days My name is Gordon Gunn I’m the director of marketing at Sylatech which is a design and manufacturing business with a heritage of 54 years in the design and manufacture of precision metal components Sylatech has […]

My underwater robot | David Lang

(Aquatic noises) So this video was taken at Aquarius undersea laboratory four miles off the coast of Key Largo, about 60 feet below the surface. NASA uses this extreme environment to train astronauts and aquanauts, and last year, they invited us along for the ride. All the footage was taken from our open ROV, which […]

Building a Homemade Spacecraft

KRISTIAN VON BENGTSON: If we wanted to fly into space, we could either try to become astronauts. Like, ha ha, good luck. It is probably not going to happen. You could also wait until maybe Virgin Galactic finishes their project. That’s going to take a long time. But wouldn’t it be much more fun if […]

HHO Workshop “Free From Fuel”: Heating With Oxyhydrogen (DVD Chapter 2)

The flame recombines hydrogen and oxygen back into water again. Here it becomes water again. For about 4 years now I have heated my house with this gas. People often bring this argument up: “Why use electricity to create gas and heat with the gas? Why don’t you just heat directly with the electricity?” And […]