How to Roll a Joint

how to roll a joint with @SheSmokesJoints Supplies: Joint Paper, Weed, Grinder, Filter (optional) Step 1: Break up your weed and put it in the grinder Make sure there aren’t any stems Grind it up! Be thorough! Step 2: Roll up your filter (if you’re using one) Place the filter at one end of the […]

Cocoa Bath Melts – a DIY recipe

Today we’re gonna make chamomile infused cocoa bath melts that are perfect to relax and smooth your skin. For this we’ll need 1 oz of cocoa butter, 0.7 oz of coconut oil, 10 drops of chamomile essential oil, and a few dried chamomile flowers. Our star ingredient, cocoa butter, penetrates layers of skin to repair […]

How Condensing Boilers Work – Plumbing Tips

– [Announcer] Honest reviews and advice. Sponsored by – Hello and welcome to this week’s video. Today I’m gonna tell you all about condensing boilers. For the purposes of today’s video we’re going to use Grant Vortex Combi condensing boiler. This is the outdoor model as well. All I’m gonna show you […]

Alberta Electricity Price Forecast for 2018

hi I’m Connor Thornhill from Enpro and today we’re talking about Alberta electricity on December 6 trans Alta announced that it will heavily curtail output from the Sundance coal-fired generator this announcement was made in response to heavy carbon taxes which will penalize coal-fired generators next year as such trans Alta plans on mothballing three […]

How To Use Oil Lamps For Emergencies Power Outages No Electricity

how to use oil lamps for emergencies prepping for power outage how to use oil lamps off grid living oil lamps hi it’s AlaskaGranny today I wanted to share with you some tips on how to safely and efficiently use an oil lamp if you are storing them for emergencies or using them for off […]

John Kiemele explains electricity benefits for multi-residential customers

Multi-unit residential electricity customers in Ontario are unique and are able to take advantage of some special supply rates from the local utility and market supply agreements provide no benefit to these types of customers and will actually cause them to pay more. Many consumers in Ontario of a Mulit-res nature are not fully aware […]

Where Your Electricity Comes From

When you turn on the lights in your house or plug in your smartphone charger or even charge your electric car, do you know where your power is coming from? Electricity is something we don’t think about very often until we don’t have it or the cost of it goes way up. In the United […]