Electricity from Coal Helps Me Provide Jobs (TV)

AOA Products is a packaging company. Every piece of equipment in my shop runs on electricity. It needs to be plugged in. If it’s not, it doesn’t work. There would be some very hard decisions for me to make if the energy costs went up. I would have to let some of my employees go. […]

How to Install a Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

Our mission today is to install a stainless steel liner down the chimney flue will be connecting to the back of a yellow wood stove with a tee connection here at shop what we’re going to do is roll out that relaxes stainless steel pipe then roll the insulation is sprayed with an adhesive we’re […]

How to Set Up Capacitor Discharge

Capacitor Discharge, often called “CD” welding for short, is characterized by the use of everyday power from an ordinary 110 volt electrical outlet. This process is part of a larger family of fastening methods known as Stud Welding, or “Pin” Welding. At Midwest Fasteners, we know that saving time is crucial to all types of […]

Review – Weld-On Hardtail Rear Frame Section for 1982 – 2003 Harley-Davidson Sportsters

Hey. It’s Tyler with Lowbrow Customs. Today I’m going to give you an overview on this 1982 to 2003 Weld-On Harley Davidson Sportster hardtail frame. [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] Our hardtails are made right here in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Going over some of the features of these to let you know why these […]

How to Set Up C.D. Weld Pins

To get work done quickly and reliably is really important on today’s jobs. At Midwest Fasteners we know that easy to use portable stud welding could be helpful to install all types of fasteners in a fast and practical way and we know that Midwest Fasteners can help. Weld pins sometimes called “Weld Nails” can […]

How to Install Weld Pins and Weld Studs

At Midwest Fasteners we know that getting work done quickly and reliably is really important to most jobs and we can help with that using capacitor discharge stud welding. Easy to operate portable stud welding can be used to install many types of fasteners, these include weld pins or weld studs and can be applied […]

JobsNow: Study or train for a job at Eastern Gateway

Eastern Gateway Community College has been around since 1968. It’s a state, public and accredited institution — where your credits can transfer to a 4- year more traditional collge….or you can get training for a job and go to work. [G6]20170411 EASTGATE JOBS NOW-PK SPARKS ARE FLYING AT EASTERN GATEWAY. 38:26 :04 Art I THINK […]

The History of Lowbrow Customs

[music] Tyler Malinky: When Kyle and I were young, our mother, in particularly didn’t want us riding motorized vehicles. I mean like no mini bikes, or three wheelers. Kyle: No. Yes. Tyler: Anything like that. Kyle: Go karts. [laughs] Tyler: Nothing. Of course we did like over friends houses and that kind of stuff. We’ll […]

How to Install Cuphead Weld Pins

At Midwest Fasteners, we know that getting work done quickly and reliably is really important these days and we have a way to help with that easy to use, easy-to-install Cuphead Weld Pins. It’s a fast and practical way to get jobs done less expensively, quickly and reliably. Cuphead Weld Pins, sometimes called “Mini” Cups, […]