Joint of Evil (official trailer)

a rough story about a drug a drug that kills, but not it’s users! The search begins! and like a detective needs evidence, so the stoners need their pot. This is the guy who knows where to get it. Hidden from sight! Like a silent guy’s smile. Who lives a simple life. And hanging with […]

Panipat | Official Trailer |Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Kapoor, Kriti Sanon|Ashutosh Gowariker|In Cinema Now

Har Har… …Mahadev! Har Har… …Mahadev! Har Har… …Mahadev! Maratha… …Warriors of Hindostan for whom… their duty and religion is bravery! The Peshwa regime applauds the war efforts of… …the Peshwa’s cousin- Shreemant Sadashiv Rao Bhau! Let me pass! I’ve heard when Peshwas travel all alone, they often return with another queen! It is only […]

Electric Chair, Live Wires, & More SHOCKING ‘Fear Factor’ Challenges | MTV Ranked

– Now I’ve done my homework on each and every one of you. There’s one thing that you all have in common. You all are afraid of one thing. Electrocution. – What, hold up? – Oh my gosh. – Hold up. – Yeah. It’s, oh this next challenge is going to shock you, literally. Starting […]


We used to swim the same moonlight waters Oceans away from the wakeful day My fall will be for you Scent of the sea before waking afterwards Brings me to thee Into the blue memory My fall will be for you Into the blue memory A siren from the deep came to me Sang my […]

MARK ANGEL’S WEDDING (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 208)

My savings is to contribute towards the nation Hey mommy, this is the comedian and the emcee. Wow This is my wife-to-be, okay, this is her modem. Okay, and that is her address this time Wow. Yeah, my daughter’s So he’s going to be handling the wedding tomorrow. Okay, we have the program use the […]

Hiccup’s FIRE SWORD from How To Train Your Dragon!

Hey guys! On this episode of Make it Real, One Day Build edition we’re going to make Hiccup’s flaming, collapsible sword from: How to Train Your Dragon #3. Why? Well because over the How to train Your Dragon trilogy, Hiccup has literally become Steve Rogers. And, as you know. I have a habit of making […]