LibreOffice Draw (18) Shapes Part 7 Merge Subtract Intersect

I want to look it how the modify shapes merge subtract and intersect functionality works to do that i’m going to create examples for each the first thing i’m going to do is open up my previous example that has all my colors already assigned and save that as my new file name than i’m […]

LibreOffice-Writer (87) Mail Merge Part1 – Create a data connection

the mail merge feature of LibreOffice is an easy way to create letters and envelopes to be mailed out to people that are on a calc spreadsheet database list there are three things we need to do a mail merge they are: 1) The Database in our case will be a list of names and […]

How to Do a Mail Merge Marketing Campaign w/ Microsoft Word and Excel

Custom Shapes with Merge Shapes in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac Tutorial

hi Elaine here today I’ll be showing you how to make your own custom shapes for use in your presentations and to do that we’ll be using a completely new feature of PowerPoint 2016 for Mac and that completely new feature is the merge shapes option it’s been in PowerPoint for Windows since office 2013 […]

Leave the desk job behind with Simone Hewitt (Video)

♪MUSIC♪ (BACKGROUND SOUNDS) My Grandpa was a handyman, my Stepdad was an electrician for a long time. You can say trades runs in my family. I love all trades. I’m a fitter, I want to get my welding ticket, my gas and maybe even plumbing one day. ♪MUSIC♪ (BACKGROUND SOUNDS) I love working with my […]

Hardware Singapore

Meet Mike, an engineer, he need to source many products, handle many suppliers. He always go home late. He hates his job. He found 8bright at , sells products from Hardware, Electrical panels, network cables, office supplies and pantry supplies. 8bright also source products for him and offer customize solution for electrical panel, cable […]

The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

[Music] the 10 most dangerous jobs in the world underwater welder underwater welders face a series of dangers on the job every day including the risk of shock explosion decompression sickness and even wear on their dental fillings about 30 welders die out of 200 welders on the job annually crab fishermen 128 Alaskan crab […]

How to Have Sex in the Office and Not Get Caught

How to Have Sex in the Office and Not Get Caught. Whatever your reason for getting it on in the workplace – and, trust us, we don’t want to know – make sure it stays between you and your amour. You will need Easy-to-remove clothes A comfortable spot and wet wipes. Step 1. Make sure […]