Fatigue fracture of weld joints- II

So, this is the sixth lecture on the designing of the weld joints, and in this presentation mainly, we will take up the things related with thefatigue fracture of the weld jointsthis presentation will be mainly in the two parts onethe factors affecting the fatigue performance of the weld joint. Which includes like the loading […]

Types of power sources and their characteristics- II

So, in last presentation based on the welding power sources that was the first lecture which was mainly based on that, the different types of the welding power sources and how the welding power sources are different from the domestic power sources? We have also seen that what are the factors on the basis of […]

Classification of Welding Processes- I

In the last lecture, you have seen the importance of the welding as compared to the other manufacturing processes to get the desired size and shape, the component which can be used by us in our daily life or for fabrication of the various machines or their components. Today, will see that the welding processes […]

How to Make The Metal Melter

In a previous video I used a modified Microwave Oven Transformer as an electrical metal melter. In this video you’ll learn step by step how it was made, and what I’m using it for now. In a previous project, I found an old microwave in a dumpster and hacked it open to see what components […]

Lecture – 24 Design of Welded Joints – II

dear students let us begin lectures on machine design part i this is lecture number 24 and the topic is design of welded joints and this is the concluding part of the lecture on the same topic let us recapitulate little bit what we had learnt in the last class we talked about different kinds […]

Make a Spot Welder for Cheap!!

A typical resistance spot welder like this can range in price from around $200 to over $800! That’s a little out of my price range, so for this project let’s make this one from common materials, and for just a few bucks! This modified transformer is the heart of the Spot Welder, and you might […]

Lec 8 – Physics of Welding Arc

hello i welcome you all in this presentation related with the subject joining technologies for the metals and this presentation is mainly based on the shielded metal arc welding process and the basic fundamental principles of the arc welding in general so we will try to first of all understand that how the heat is […]

Mod-01 Lec-02 Characteristics of Shipbuilding Industry

So, continuing what we have been doing in the morning with ship types; ship types, we have seen various types of ships, both inland and ocean going, and then we will talk a little about the other component, that is, the offshore structures. Offshore structures – we can see that the advent of offshore structure […]

Lec 40 – Cracking of Welded Joints II: Cold Cracks

hello i welcome you all in this presentation this presentation is the second part of the last earlier presentation about the cracks in the welded joints in the last presentation i have talked about the two types of the cracks and their remedial methods these were the solidification cracks and the liquefaction crack solidification crack […]

Lec 3 – Classification of Joining Processes

hello i welcome you all in this 3rd lecture on the program on joining technologies for the metals in the last lecture you have seen the need for classifying the joining processes and now in this presentation we will see what are the different factors on the basis of which joining processes can be classified […]