SEAC Ramon “CZ” Colon-Lopez on leading in a Joint Environment

Leadership is the same regardless of what you do. It’s getting people to accomplish the mission, in the simplest of terms. The difficult part is tailoring your leadership style to the culture of each service. So you have to have an understanding on how they think and what makes them react to the orders placed […]

Whitehead MELTING Product ft. Etude House

Hey, it’s Feiii It is time children cOme hErya boii PS: my eyebrow is still missing, don’t judge me and I have a lisp because I have tongue tamers in. Music: ROLLER COASTER By: Chungha Today, I’m not gonna be doing a nose strip, I’m gonna give myself a break from those. That’s what I […]

The Joint Timeline of Soulsborne

Demon souls begins with the old one, an eldritch great one, descending upon the earth. Once awakened it inspires a hierarchy of demons dedicated to the retrieval of every soul in exchange for great power. In the evil ending, deep below the Nexus every soul is given to the old one and a great fog […]

Gen. Joe Dunford’s Farewell Message to the Joint Force

In the coming days, I’ll complete over four decades of active service in my tenure as the Chairman. Before taking off my uniform for the last time, I wanted to tell you what an honor it has been to serve alongside you and to represent you here, in Washington D.C., and across the globe. More […]

Optical Joint Density of States

So, today we will discuss the concept of optical joint density of states So, before that we will recall what we had studied in the last class. That is we discussed about radiative and non radiative recombinations, radiative and non radiative transitions. As the name indicates, radiative transition involves emission or absorption of a photon, […]

Trying this BLACKHEAD MELTING PRODUCT… wow i see u.

Heyy, it’s Feii! Today I found a new less painful product to dissolve your clogged pores. Let’s see how this goes. I was scrolling through amazon and found this anti-blackhead clear kit that sums up to be a blackhead clear and pore tightening mask pack by CNP laboratory. I thought it was going to be […]

How To Test Air Conditioner Time Delay Fuses

OK. These are fuses that I recovered that we’re blown in the system and what I wanted to show you is that a lot of times it only blows one of the fuses. So I wanted to show you how you can test these. Setting your volt meter to ohms verify that your volt meter […]

Frost & Flame | League of Legends Community Collab

You about to get Incinerated Walk this way LPL getting dominated LCK 2 Tigers are on the prowl SKT’S the ammunation I’d tell you prep for a fight but your jungler’s got no Ambition No time for the indecision We act of our own volition Stay destroying those Losers Playing League this ain’t a Competition […]