Heavy Metal in Baghdad Trailer

SUROOSH ALVI: We’re in Baghdad. We’re here to interview the only Iraqi heavy metal band called Acrassicauda. We’ve been following them for three years. This is risky, it’s dangerous, people would say it’s really fucking stupid for us to be doing this. But heavy metal rules. MALE SPEAKER 1: Rock stars, yeah. MALE SPEAKER 2: […]

The One-Man Industrial Doom Metal Band

True Norwegian Black Metal | VICE

[CHANTING AND APPLAUSE] [HEAVY METAL MUSIC] IVAR BERGLIN: Gorgoroth may not be the most celebrated band to rise out of the infamous Norwegian black metal scene, but they are by far the most feared and controversial. With their abrasive sound, chaotic live shows, and well-publicized criminal convictions, Gorgoroth have spread their message of fear and […]

Building a Homemade Spacecraft

KRISTIAN VON BENGTSON: If we wanted to fly into space, we could either try to become astronauts. Like, ha ha, good luck. It is probably not going to happen. You could also wait until maybe Virgin Galactic finishes their project. That’s going to take a long time. But wouldn’t it be much more fun if […]