Access Bank accelerates retail operations after Diamond Bank merger | World Finance

World Finance: Access Bank is now the largest bank in Nigeria by customer base, following its April 2019 merger with Diamond Bank. Herbert Wigwe is Access Bank’s group managing director and CEO; Herbert, why the merger? What strengths do the different brands bring to the table? Herbert Wigwe: First of all, the idea was for […]

GOOD SAMARITHAN (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 124)

ouch I did not fight with anybody. If you did not fight anybody, then what happened with your eyes? I was at the bus stop….. (Mark at bus stop…) (oh no a girl appeared) (the shirt wasn’t even right) (don’t do it Mark!) pervert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY!! I was just trying to help a sister! Helper?/Help her? […]

ELECTRICITY (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 117)

Mark What are you trying to do? This building doesn’t have light and even all these ones don’t have light It’s because this wire that cut So, what do you want to do? I want to fix it Chineke!!! Are you an electrician? Does it matter? Mark Call Power Holding to fix this light Uncle, […]

Introducing the FreshBox – an innovative cooler from BSH which works without electricity

Africa, more than 1.2 Billion people live here but over half of them don’t have access to electricity. This, and extensive heat, make food storage a huge challenge. But where there’s big challenges there’s also big opportunities. People in Africa often have to walk long distances to purchase groceries, so therefore they have either the […]

Nigeria Schoolgirl pee power energy generator – uses just pee to generate electricity This is a new system designed by 4 schoolgirls from Nigeria, Africa with the help of their teacher to get an electrical generator system running on just ONLY Urine ! They used electrolysis to split Urine ( pee ) into hydrogen and clear it up via a liquid borax solution and then run a […]

Nigerian Electricity Crisis Explained | Legit TV

75 million out of the 186 million population says the 2017 World Bank report Nigeria is to add 212 million people to the urban population between 2014 and 2050 Unless we find a lasting solution, they are going to live in the dark Not to mention a word about economic development How did we get […]

MARK ANGEL’S WEDDING (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 208)

My savings is to contribute towards the nation Hey mommy, this is the comedian and the emcee. Wow This is my wife-to-be, okay, this is her modem. Okay, and that is her address this time Wow. Yeah, my daughter’s So he’s going to be handling the wedding tomorrow. Okay, we have the program use the […]

Shell companies in Nigeria: Over 50 years of operations

It’s Africa’s most populous nation. 150 million people live here, in a country roughly four times the size of the United Kingdom. Oil and gas dominate the economy and the country is one of the world’s largest suppliers of energy. Shell has been an important part of Nigeria’s growth for more than 50 years. We […]