GOP Pres. Candidate Bill Weld: Donald Trump Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing | The Last Word | MSNBC

‘Treason Pure And Simple’: Weld, Sanford, Walsh React To Trump Call | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The nICE mug invented by Glenn Auerbach lets you drink your beverage out of a mug made of ice. And an inventor in Portland has created a new type of mattress specially designed for the perfect night of cuddling. Vsauce! Kevin here…. this is Mind Blow Engineers at Stanford University have invented a microbial battery […]

21C Metals President Wayne Tisdale: Cobalt a Metal of the Future

Before we get started, tell me what your symbol is and what exchange are you on? I’m on the CSC and the symbol is BULL. Really easy! And is that because you’re bullish on both palladium and cobalt or is it just that it it was a good name, a good symbol? I am very […]

Bill Weld’s 2020 Primary Challenge Against Trump | The Daily Show

WOOD: With all the focus on the Democratic primary, people forget that there’s also Republicans lining up to snatch the nomination from Trump. But who the hell are these guys? Let’s just say one of them is running on a very different party line. Donald Trump is a raging racist. What kind of Republican candidate […]

Trump challenger Bill Weld supports Dems’ impeachment inquiry

On Location at Business Insider’s GOP Primary Debate | The Daily Show

A lot of people think that impeaching Trump will be totally partisan. Democrats will support it, while Republicans will write it off like it was Jussie Smollett on Empire. But it turns out there are actually Republicans who want Trump gone, too. In fact, several GOP candidates have officially launched primary challenges against him. And, […]