Celeste – Stop This Flame (Official Video)

Edsel – Melt | Official Music Video 2017

Rain Failing down beside my window pane Melting all the clouds that filled the air Take away my sorrow and ease the pain How I longed to see you again Rain Pouring from the sky like silver grains Breaking down the silence of the day Wash away the tears that cover my face Nothing but […]

Nanowar Of Steel – Norwegian Reggaeton (feat. Charly Glamour & Gigatron)

Hvis lyset tar oss [If the light takes us, an album by Burzum] Viking heart, from Santo Domingo The burned church, the pinya colada Let’s go dancing with Det som engang var [What once was, album by Burzum] Cuban warrior, pagan dancer Drinking a mojito, during the sacrifice Let’s go dancing with Hellhammer and Varg! […]