Metal Music Midwest reviews Grimm Distribution

alright hello guys let’s talk about some reviews here I have just gotten several reviews and they were provided to me by grimm distribution satanath morbid skull records alright so let’s talk about it let’s see what the number one is number one is bastardos from Argentina ok number two is nadir from Hungary number […]

Metal Music Midwest promos for January 2018

Hello everyone, very excited to be here I’m going to tell you about some of the promos that I have just gotten to the metal music Midewest site all right let’s kick things off with the band Commander form Munich will released their new album be a black sunset it will feature nine songs okay […]

New Releases Fall 2019 Games I’m DYING to PLAY!

– Hey guys, Metal Jesus here. Now sadly, summer is coming to a close, but that means that in the fall, we’re gonna be getting a bunch of brand new games, and this summer, actually, I was lucky enough to go down to L.A., and go to the E3 Expo, and just recently, actually, I […]