Completing a Resin Repair on an Insulated Rail Joint

prior to work an inspection should be carried out to determine the condition of the IRJ carefully inspect the rain for deformation such as end batter and cracks TEF 3205 should be completed during this inspection which should determine the best treatment for the site and highlight any work required prior to refurbishment depending on […]

MCAS Iwakuni, Iwakuni city leadership conduct Joint Leadership Walk

Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni and Iwakuni City officials met with local business owners and community members during the 11th Joint Leadership Walk. The goal of the walk is to reinforce friendly bonds between the Iwakuni community and members of the air station. This is Colonel Richard Fuerst’s last Joint Leadership Walk as the commanding […]

LAVERDA Italian pride, International combine

Certainly, here in Italy, we have always considered two things: 1: customers working with rice 2: Customers who work with self-leveling combines We are investing heavily on harvesting rice Because we believe it is a product that, in Europe and in the world, has a great future Muchos países están invirtiendo en el arroz: Brasil, […]

T Mobile and Sprint merger how it affects Mint Mobile

hello my YouTube friends this is Noah again with save green here and today we’re going to talk about saving green when it comes to your cellular and I’ve talked a lot about mint Mobile in the past used to be mint sim but how would this affect you if you probably heard in the […]

Legacies | CAST – The Merge Problem | The CW

– There’s something you both need to know. – At the end of season one, Lizzie and Josie learn about the merge. – When Gemini twins turn 22, the merge will determine who will lead the coven, and only one will survive. – They will eventually have to become one person essentially, and one of […]

How to Save Time and Money on Telecom Network Merger & Acquisition Processes

The costs of mobile network building and maintenance are growing. This is why many telecom operators decide to join forces to optimize these network costs. However, this kind of decision needs to be approved by regulatory and competition authorities. The approval process is often very long, which delays operational tasks resulting from the merger or […]


Start your day with exercise. This increases concentration and contributes to your general well-being. Set up your work environment for maximum efficiency. No matter what you wake up to, try to stay in a positive mindset. Advising small businesses in this economic climate can be hard… emotionally but it’s your job to make the best […]

Making Battlefield a Skill-Based Game – Battlefield 4

Since I’m still working on adapting to my new sensitivity—3200dpi at 3% in-game from 5000dpi at 7%, and my aim is still off everywhere, I’ve instead asked Hockey to provide some for me. If you enjoy this boat footage, I’d recommend looking at his channel, which will be linked in the description This video is […]

An (Almost) Comprehensive Attack Helicopter Guide – Battlefield 4

In this video, I will discuss the optimum loadout for the attack helicopter—yes, there is only one, general principles of engagement, and will provide a brief guide on how to engage every threat you will encounter, with a specific focus on the MAA, because people still seem to have trouble with it. I’ll not spend […]