Hobart Filler Metals Help Marine Group Boat Works Build U.S. Navy Dive Boats

These boats have to be real tough. The Navy divers are extremely rigorous. They work 24 hours a day. They’re constantly immersed in salt water, hence the aluminum construction, and they’ve got to be able to slam up against the side of a ship or submarine over and over again and not risk the divers […]

Most Powerful Attack Submarines In The World

The stealthy and deadly attack submarine- every seaman’s worst nightmare since World War I. These are the weapons navies fear the most, and despite investing billions of dollars into locating, tracking, and targeting these underwater assassins, the navies of the world are still largely at the mercy of these silent killers. Hello and welcome to […]

America’s Navy – Enlisted vs. Officer

Both officer and enlisted have a certain amount of roles and responsibilities and authorities. Officers make the decisions and really make a lot of the coordinations and planning. And that comes down to us, and we make whatever they decide go. It’s our job to take charge, to make sure our personnel are being handled […]

CM2 Mike Schutt: Seabee 75th Anniversary

^- I’m Construction Mechanic Second Class, Mike Schutt. ^I’m with NMCB 11, out of Gulfport, Mississippi. ^I’m from Hastings, Minnesota. (upbeat ambient music) There’s not a lot that we really can’t do, other than our mechanics. We really do, there’s any job out there that we can do. We do the welding, we can do […]

Hull Maintenance Technician and Machinery Repairmen SWOS Unit “A” School

At SWOS University’s learning site, Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois The Hull Maintenance Technician and Machinery Repairmen Accession Schools are highly streamlined training programs. The majority of training is designed to be hands on, as sailors learn to operate the actual equipment they will use on board their ships. “They’re in the weld lab 8 […]

USM @ Work: General Dynamics Bath Iron Works

At USM it’s a very integrated program that prepared me for my job here. Classes such as circuits, electromechanical energy conversion, power systems and a lot of the critical thinking and lab work that you do in those classes, I think that it’s not unlike anything you might do here as an electrical engineer here […]

Navy Diver – Rebecca Jones

What I like the most about being a Navy Diver is just the freedom. Just being able to float and move around in the water so easily and just being able to see everything there is to see. I’m Chief Petty Officer Rebecca Jones and I’m a Navy Diver. We have the capabilities of doing […]

Navy Hull Technician – Jessica Lambert

Music I’m Jessica Lambert. I’m a hull technician in the United States Navy. If I had to describe myself in one word it would be realistic. I think that I come to work knowing what needs to get done, knowing what’s expected of me and I do what I can to benefit myself and others. […]

U.S. Navy Diver Third Class Valerie DeFreitas

After I got through Dive School and realized what I had accomplished, I feel like I could do anything in my life now. It’s all about commitment and anyone can do it. A man, a woman, it doesn’t matter what you are. If you commit yourself and make up your mind to do it, you […]