Gloriosa Superba – The Stunning, but Lethal, Flame Lily

It’s beautiful, but the animals don’t eat it. And there’s a good reason for that! This is Gloriosa superba, the Flame Lily, and, stunning though it is, it is also deadly poisonous. They say it can kill a dog in 15 seconds, were a dog stupid enough to eat it. But as you can see, […]

Make Your Own Bath Melts Tutorial | Fashioneyesta

[Intro music – Elysium from iMovie] Bridging the gap between sight loss and fashion [Intro music 2 – Chelsea Loft Medium from iMovie] Make your own cosmetics with Fashioneyesta. Do-it-yourself natural beauty. Hello again Fashioneyeta-ettes. Welcome back to another episode of Do-It-Yourself Natural Cosmetics. In this episode I’m gonna be showing you how to make […]

What Would Happen If ALL THE ICE In The World MELTED?

What would happen if all the ice in the world just suddenly melted? Would we be able to survive? Which countries would be affected the most? Ice covers 10 percent of the earth’s surface, and stores 75 percent of the planet’s freshwater, but just how important is it? We always hear about the melting ice […]

What Happens If You Fuse All Your Chromosomes? | SciShow News

[♪ INTRO ] 23 pairs. With just those two words, you probably already know what I’m talking about: chromosomes, the tightly-wound packets of DNA and protein that together make up our genomes. And not just any chromosomes, but the number of chromosomes in most humans. But have you ever thought about why it’s 23? There’s […]

Roads melt in India heatwave

A heatwave in India has meant even the roads have melted…. Temperatures have soared to 47 degrees Celsius in some parts – and the heat has now claimed 1,700 lives in just one week. This year has seen the highest numbers of deaths caused by the heat since 1995. The searing weather has left tens […]

Life Perfecting Nature | Our Story

There’s something quite wonderful about nature in all elements. There is an intelligence in nature which we’ve been looking to capture and looking to provide that as a food supplement in helping the body find that balance back again. Our complete shift in food supplementation is not fighting disease by supplying stronger and higher dose […]

Rowan climate scientist leads research into Greenland ice melt

The melting of the Greenland ice sheet is off the charts today. What we found with our ice cores is that it’s melting today more than at any time within at least the last three and a half centuries, and probably, melting more today than any time in the last seven to eight thousand years. […]

✅ How to Merge your Soul with a Tree ✅

Blessing’s this is Trent from Dream Energy Academy and Lucid Dreaming Tea. Today’s lesson is going to be about how to merge your soul with a tree. Now when you start off you actually want to take your shoes off your feet when you do this. Any time your out in nature take your shoes […]

Rain And Flowers – Metal Detecting in Difficult Conditions

I see a coin! “2 Euro Cent” (2002). A button! And a coin. 2009. “5 Euro Cent”. I see another coin. “2 Euro Cent” (2005). There is one more. “1 Euro Cent” (2007). That was a good start, I hope the luck continues… This looks like a former path. I will make a short test. […]

Nature of Electricity​ | Basic Concepts | Basic Electrical Engineering

Nature of Electricity According to Modern electron theory of matter, all matter whether solid, liquid or gas is composed of very small particles called molecules. A molecule is n turn made up of atoms. An atom consists of a central part called nucleus and around the nucleus (called extra-nucleus), there are a number of electrons […]