✅ How to Merge your Soul with a Tree ✅

Blessing’s this is Trent from Dream Energy Academy and Lucid Dreaming Tea. Today’s lesson is going to be about how to merge your soul with a tree. Now when you start off you actually want to take your shoes off your feet when you do this. Any time your out in nature take your shoes […]

Rain And Flowers – Metal Detecting in Difficult Conditions

I see a coin! “2 Euro Cent” (2002). A button! And a coin. 2009. “5 Euro Cent”. I see another coin. “2 Euro Cent” (2005). There is one more. “1 Euro Cent” (2007). That was a good start, I hope the luck continues… This looks like a former path. I will make a short test. […]

Nature of Electricity​ | Basic Concepts | Basic Electrical Engineering

Nature of Electricity According to Modern electron theory of matter, all matter whether solid, liquid or gas is composed of very small particles called molecules. A molecule is n turn made up of atoms. An atom consists of a central part called nucleus and around the nucleus (called extra-nucleus), there are a number of electrons […]

Metal Detecting An Old Mill And Homestead

Brand new spot today. I am down south and I have a friend that lined this permission up for me, now he metal detects here and he says he’s found quite a bit of stuff. He could not make it today cause unfortunately, well, he had to work. But he lined this farm up for […]

“Smoking” Spot! – Metal Detecting With Some Tricks And Plenty Of Finds

Hello, I’m on a hill. The weather is perfect for metal detecting. Sounds like small iron. Let’s see. “I don’t trust you, Deus”. It’s a small “musket ball”. “Deus – what’s going on?” It calls lead iron even with “Deus Fast” filters. Poor animal. I’ll leave it here. A nice looking area, especially this time […]

Turning Gravity Into Light – Smarter Every Day 146

Hey it’s me Destin. Welcome back to Smarter Every Day. If you’ve ever watched Smarter Every Day you know that I spend a lot of time off the grid. Right now I’m in the Amazon rainforest and I don’t really know what this thing is. I think it’s some kind of termite.. thing, on a […]

The Rescue Mission – Metal Detecting With “Napoleons Glasses” And More…

“I was on my way to a location”… …but I stopped here. Let’s go! First find. Something on top. Foil lid of a plastic bottle. Another shallow signal. I have no idea. Hmm, something from the WWII? Another unidentified piece of metal. Something big and shallow (according to the signal). That’s what it was… A […]

The Swiss Trace… Metal Detecting With Maximum Effort

I’m near a noisy road… I was on my way to a “destination point”… …but I saw this spot and decided to start here. Hmm, my expectations are low, but let’s see. First find. Just a bullet casing. Another one. And the next one. Let’s move a little bit… I don’t know what it once […]

Metal Detecting And Camping On The River: Part One

We’re off on another adventure We are in the heart of gold country a lot of gold mines all around these hills where I’m at And the Civil War battles were fought right here too and there’s camps nearby Probably so there’s a chance we could find some Civil War stuff, but we’re going to […]

How Spiders Use Electricity to Fly | Decoder

When you think of flying animals, what do you think of? Birds, butterflies, or bees might first come to mind, but what about spiders? Even though they don’t have wings, it turns out that spiders are actually some of nature’s best aviators. So, how do spiders take to the skies? Lightning storms are one of […]