Redneck Drives a Duct Taped Car Off a Cliff!

Manliness Here’s the thing: you’re manly. Your shovels break Your pipes leak Your muffler falls off ‘Cause a Manly Man… Will not be muffled! So you need a Manly Solution, For those Manly Problems! Duct Tape is temporary And only gets you so far. It keeps the pieces together, without actually making things work again… Like […]

Tips from the Experts: More on 5356 & 4043 Filler Metals

Hi, I’m Karl Hoes from the Lincoln Electric Welding School in Cleveland, Ohio. We’re down here in Mooresville, North Carolina at the NASCAR Technical Institute and we’re doing an Advanced Motorsports Seminar. Yesterday, we talked a little bit about identifying or telling the difference between two different filler metals by dropping them on the floor […]

NASCAR Driver Helmets | 26 Years of Cat® Racing

These three right here are the driver’s helmets that I collected over the years. This one right here, down here, is probably one of the best ones. It’s got an excellent story behind it. This is Ward Burton’s helmet from 2002 when he was driving for Bill Davis Racing. This helmet was actually used in […]

Millermatic 211 MIG welder in action at JR Motorsports Pit Stop Practice

Hi, I’m Andy Weyenberg with Miller welder. we often get asked if the welding machines that professional race teams use are the same welders that you can purchase for yourself. let’s take a walk through JR Motorsports in Mooresville North Carolina to see what they actually use. this area is where the cars go through […]

Basic Chassis Set Up 2 – Springs, Shocks, Anti-Roll Bars and Bump Rubbers

Springs, shocks and anti roll bars all give you a lot of different options in adjusting a race car’s handling but before you start adjusting it really helps to understand the specific function of each. let’s start with springs. The spring’s main job is to hold the car off the ground so it’s the load-bearing […]