ScienceCasts: Strange Flames on the International Space Station

[ music ] Strange Flames on the International Space Station Presented by [email protected] Fire, it is often said, is mankind’s oldest chemistry experiment. For thousands of years, people have been mixing the oxygen-rich air of Earth with an almost endless variety of fuels to produce hot luminous flame. There’s an arc of learning about combustion […]

Greenland Goes Green: Ice Sheet Melted in Four Days

JUDY WOODRUFF: Now: a scientific puzzle over the melting of one of planet Earth’s largest sheets of ice. Margaret Warner has our story. MARGARET WARNER: This week, NASA announced a surprising finding. Earlier this month, the surface of the ice sheet covering Greenland melted more widely than has been seen in 33 years of satellite […]

NASA | Quick Change Ceramic Flame Holder

Narrator: Stainless steel flame holders are inefficient: After only a short time of use they rust to the torch and show serious signs of deterioration. These flame holders pose an economic problem due to frequent maintenance costs to say nothing of the serious safety risk to personnel who must inspect these components in equipment like […]

Gigantic Greenland glacier growing after years of melting: NASA

A major glacier in Greenland,… that was one of the fastest shrinking ice and snow masses on Earth is growing again. However, NASA says the growth is just temporary. Lee Seung-jae reports. This is the Jakobshavn Glacier seen in 2015,… a major mass of ice in Greenland,… considered one of the fastest shrinking ice and […]

Antarctic glaciers ‘melted past point of no return’ – This is REAL Genius

Glaciers hold the largest reserves of fresh water on Earth. They are vast. And 99% of them are in the polar regions, locked into vast ice sheets. Or at least, they are for now. Teams from the University of Washington, University of California Irvine and Nasa have, by studying four decades of data about movement […]

ScienceCasts: Jellyfish Flame on the International Space Station

Jellyfish Flame on the International Space Station, presented by Science at NASA. We all know that fire is inanimate, but anyone staring into a flame could be excused for thinking otherwise: Fire dances and swirls. It reproduces, consumes matter, and produces waste. It needs oxygen to survive. In short, fire is uncannily lifelike. Nowhere is […]

Why NASA Is Tracking Greenland’s Ice Melt

(water lapping) (tranquil music) – When we first started measuring ice back in the early 1990s, nobody knew basically what Greenland was doing. Was it getting bigger or getting smaller? That was a total unknown. And so, in 2000, we published our first results, using an older version of the technology that we’re using now […]

NASA | Scientists Link Earlier Melting Of Snow To Dark Aerosols

It’s not easy to see aerosols in Earth’s atmosphere, but they’re there. And NASA scientists say these tiny particles are having a profound effect on snowpack and spring climate in the Northern Hemisphere. At any moment, millions of tons of aerosols lifted by winds and generated by wildfires and the burning of fossil fuels are […]

Melting Ice Caps: One Scientist’s Point of View

We’ve lost more than half the sea ice that used to be around in the 80s. We’re continuing over this last decade this ever-increasing loss of ice during the summer, but also this startling thinning that’s been going on as well. There’s so much ice loss that the Arctic is in a new state. We’re […]

A Tour of Flame Nebula

A Tour of Flame Nebula Narrator (April Hobart, CXC): Astronomers have made an important advance in the understanding of how clusters of stars like our Sun form using data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and infrared telescopes. The data show early notions of how star clusters are formed cannot be correct. The simplest idea is […]