The Coolest Spot in the Universe | The von Kármán Lecture | Cold Atom Lab

(bright, inquisitive music) – [Narrator] NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory presents the von Karman lecture, a series of talks by scientists and engineers who are exploring our planet, our Solar System, and all that lies beyond. – Hey, good evening, ladies and gentlemen. How’s everyone tonight? (audience murmurs) Good, very good. Well, thanks for coming out; […]

Ultrasonic Stir Welding Technology Demonstration

Solid state welding technology has just experienced a breakthrough using ultrasonic energy. In this Ultrasonic Stir Welding system, sound energy is generated by two transducers then transmitted to the containment plate and stir rod. This energy reduces plunge, shear, and frictional forces, increasing the life of the pen tool and providing a significant increase in […]

Top 10 Surprising Things NASA Helped Invent — TopTenzNet

Top 10 Surprising Things NASA Helped Invent 10. Sunglasses It seems hard to believe that something as big a fashion statement as sunglasses could have NASA scientists behind it, but there’s a very logical reason for this. Many workers at NASA are frequently exposed to damaging light, which would severely affect their vision in the […]