TIG welding (comparison of tungsten angle and welding)

Comparison of tungsten angles and welding Hello. Today… I made a video about “Comparison of Tungsten angle and Welding.” I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “like.” Some people are curious about how to polish tungsten, so I made a video. If you’re looking for a book on welding or any material on […]

That White People Shit | WATCH THE FIRST FULL EPISODE NOW | Fuse

– Yo, I’m from the hood in Houston. So I don’t understand 90% of the shit white people do… – Well, we want to make sure she’s pregnant. [bleating] – Or why they do it. So I’ve decided to immerse myself in white culture… The hood ain’t gonna love me after this. Take their secrets, […]

Tig Welding Stainless Pipe Welding Process 3PASS

Tig-weld stainless pipe welding process 3PASS Hello. Today I made a video of the stainless steel pipe welding process. I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “like.” So this is a 65A (2 1/2 inch) SCH10 stainless 304 pipe. Pipe thickness is 3.05mm. I’m going to weld this today. When welding these stainless […]

Totaled Tacoma Manual Swap + Welding the Diff

[Music] [Music] we’re here in beautiful British Columbia Canada getting transmission parts for the Tacoma I know you guys are gonna be stoked on that our good friend Clinton here just hooked it up one of our subscribers fellow youtuber himself their garage dirt garage and we’re checking out his truck right now cuz he […]

DIYTuning Forks – Weekend Welding Warrior Project

Here’s something you can do at home. It’s fun to play with. It’s amusing. You make a tuning fork. This one has been made from the upper part of the lock a padlock and they come in different lengths for like bicycle locks. That will make them different pitches. All you do carefully weld a […]

(हिंदी) Norway : Europe Country | WORK PERMIT | How to get it ? | STS Vlog

(Intro with Music) Hello, My name is Mann Singh And you are watching my channel named STS VLOG

Tig welding Walking The Cup Pipe Fillet welding 3Pass Carbon steel

Hello. Today… I made a video of “Pipe Fillet Welding 3Pass” I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “Like.” Let’s get started. It’s 1pass. The nozzle has an internal diameter of 16mm. And tungsten is about 12mm long. Welding rods used 2.4-pi welds. And the current used 200 amps. Pipe size is 100A […]

Welding Engineer Westley Smith

[ Music ]>>Westley Smith: I’m thankful about going to Penn College and the education I received because of the job opportunities I have. I wouldn’t have had near the opportunities that I do now. I mean, I can go almost anywhere in the United States, Canada, other places, if this job was never available, and […]