Do It All With the Multimatic 220 AC/DC Multiprocess Welder

Taylor Machine Works Builds Big Red Equipment With Miller

Building Blue at SEMA 2019

AC TIG, MIG and Stick Weld With One Powerful Machine

This is a Multimatic 220 AC/DC. This machine is capable of MIG, Stick, and AC/DC TIG. A lot of our customers use the Multimatic 215 and the Multimatic 200 for steel and stainless. This machine gives them the added benefit of AC TIG for aluminum. This all-in-one solution allows you to weld with 230 amps […]

Adjust AC Frequency and Balance for Aluminum TIG Welding

The Multimatic 220 is super easy to set up and use. It’s got Auto-Set technology that allows you to set it up automatically with your tungsten size and also, all you do is just choose your material thickness and the machine will set the parameters for you. They give you a range to use, but […]

Set up Weld Screen on the Millermatic 255 and Multimatic 255

Easy Weld Process Changeover With the Multimatic 220 AC/DC

Introducing the Multimatic™ 200 MIG/TIG/Stick Welder

Now there’s a game-changing new portable welder built for those who have to do it all. You know who you are. You’re ready to weld any place, any time under a variety of conditions. Often the only thing you expect in your world is the unexpected. The machine you need is finally here. Introducing the […]

Miller Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess: Weld Without Limits

I’d like to introduce you to the Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess. An innovative solution Miller developed for the construction, ship and MRO markets. This solution stems from the Dynasty 280 DX, which is a highly portable, industrial AC and DC TIG and stick welder that has been a leading performer in the industry for years. […]

Multimatic 255 Multiprocess Welder Setup

Congratulations on your purchase of the versatile, easy-to-use Multimatic 255 multiprocess welder, and thanks for choosing Miller. With your Multimatic 255, you can count on years of trouble-free, multipurpose, multiprocess welding. We know you’re eager to try out your new machine. But before you begin setup, please take a few minutes to review important safety […]