How to combine multiple worksheet into one workbook

Hello everyone welcome to excel 10 tutorial in this tutorial I will show you how to combine multiple worksheet into a single workbook okay in one of the previous video I have showed you how to combine multiple workbook into a single workbook now in this video it’s all about multiple worksheet into a one […]

Expert Mode – Through the Fire and Flames – Joe Penna

Combine Multiple InDesign Files Into One Layout

Hi, everybody! David Dilling from Markzware. Today’s tip is how to merge multiple InDesign files into one document, for lack of better words. Many of our Q2ID customers, our QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign plugin customers, are used to, in modern versions of QuarkXPress 9 and 10, to have tabbed individual layouts, all within one layout […]

Combine and synchronize multiple oscilloscopes

This video will show how to combine multiple instruments using the unique TiePie engineering combined multiple instruments interface. When you need a six channel oscilloscope all you need are three Handyscope HS5s and two coupling cables. Use the first cable to connect two instruments to each other through their CMI interface connectors. And then use […]

How to Finish Making Multiple Certificates FAST with Mail Merge

Have you ever been tired of making a certificate? Just like making a “certificate” on a student, then another page for another student, then “copy-paste” the entire layout and change the names, or any variables. Then suddenly there were changes and you’ll have to change everything from top to bottom. I’m so tireeeeeed.. Oh no. […]