TIG Welding Aluminum Part 4: How to Introduce Filler Metal

Once you get established with the puddle control being consistent, now we can go ahead and introduce some filler metal. At this point we’ve already practiced our hand control with the torch, our motion towards angles and now we’re going to add introducing the filler metal. We try to tell people to start introducing the […]

1 Person water Tank install 22,000 Litre 5000 Gallon how to do it by yourself Andy Thomsen EP.46

Andys Fishing on Youtube Is this trailer going to survive? There’s a lot of weight in that tank. Lets have a look under here Yep there’s a lot of weight on that. So that was about 4 minutes for you guys and about 2 1/2 hours for me inm the rain, that goes to show […]

CGTC Move On When Ready – Welding

I got my jump on college through Move on When Ready at Central Georgia Technical College. I started earning high school and college credits in welding in the ninth grade and later added general studies. Voice-over: Move on When Ready leads to many exciting career paths. Occupational credits earned lead to work-ready certificates and general […]