Melting The Gallium Fidget Spinners

Last week I showed you how to make fidget spinners out of gallium and we looked at a number of designs Galium turns from a solid to a liquid at about 30 degrees c! and today I’m gonna destroy the spinners so we can see them melt I’m gonna start with this classic shaped spinner […]

Chocolate Egg Hot Chocolate | MELTING CHOCOLATE EGGS! | RECIPE

TopSolid’Mold: Design Your Electrodes

Now that we’re done designing our mold It is time to manufacture it using TopSolid’Electrode. The first thing that we are going to do is load a copy of our core block into our electrode document. But at the same time, we are going to ask it to deactivate all of the drillings for our […]

Cast a Mini Aluminum Skillet – Start to Finish

In this video. I’ll show how I cast this mini aluminum skillet using basic materials and skills Welcome to another episode of the Plutonium Bunny The first ingredient is greensand. I store it in these handy cat litter buckets. It is made of cat litter and sand Making the mold is really the most difficult […]