Taper Bore | Borax Water Wagon Hubs | Cast Iron Sleeves | Axle Boxing

As you walk into the shop, to the left you see a bolt bin and on the top I have an assortment of boxings. Boxing’s are the cast iron sleeves that are pressed into the hubs that is the bearing surface that runs on the spindles of the axles. There’s a wide variety of boxing’s […]

Forging the Horn & Bumper | Heavy Forge Welding | Engels Coach Shop

Well, as you remember from last week, when we had Chris Harris here, we did the front of the back axle, with the reach and the reach hounds. This week we’re gonna secure the axle to the reach and the reach hounds. Positioned on the back of the reach is what’s known as the horn […]

Practical Blacksmithing like the 1880s | Heavy Forge Welding | Engels Coach

On the back axle, the reach hounds stabilize the reach And on the top of the back end of both of these reaches is an iron that has a saddle that is forged in to it. And axle sets down in this saddle, and this is what helps keep the axle stabilized on top of […]