Call Of Duty MW3 PVP Montage | Best Gameplay Moments | Theater Mode Angles

My name is Francis and I play Call Of Duty. This is an MW3 multiplayer gameplay montage that features some of the fun moments I’ve had playing Call Of Duty. I play COD for fun. I’m just an average player, I don’t have a super high KD or beast in every game. I’ve never got […]


This video features a great Call Of Duty player tsunami33. You will see gameplay with the following weapons, PP90M1, ACR 6.8, UMP45, G36C, RPG, SCAR-L, Grenade, SMAW, Striker, MP7 & MP5. The following Killstreaks, UAV, I.M.S., Attack Helicopter, Predator Missile, Assault Drone and finally you will see tsunami33 bring the rain with the AC130. I’ve […]

MW3 Longshot Rocket Headshot!!

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The Crew Plays BF3

Reactor: Online, Sensors: Online, Weapons: Online, All Systems: nominal Suprindur: Yeah! Ha hoo! Fuck yeah! There goes another one! Woo! Suprindur: Attack chooper is attacking me at Echo Suprindur: Ohh! Suck it down! Explorerzip: Ohh! Cashflo: Nom Nom Nom Suprindur: OM NOM NOM! Explorerzip: Ohh! Got him! Suprindur: Nice, I saw it, recorded it too […]

The Best Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Playthrough on YouTube (60 FPS)

Metal Gear Rising revengeance itch we’ve come so far in just three short years mr. lightning bolt just doing our job mr. prime minister fuck you Garda Prime Minister let’s get this over with preparedness to your phone so let me show the supply so your guys so long [Music] [Music] all we had to […]