❤️ How to merge the opinion of Source with you 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

I saw a picture of Esther this morning and she looks so beautiful I’m so happy to be here flattery will get you in the hot seat every time yeah yeah yeah absolutely and I’m image she just looks beautiful and so anyway unfortunately you’ve used all of your time sorry about that ok I […]

Should You Combine Finances?

It’s a big day! You just moved in with your boo and you’re totally rocking this living-together thing. But then comes the first rent bill and you’re stuck wondering…how do we handle this? If you asked your grandparents how they handled finances back in their day, you might be met with some weird looks. After […]

A Married Couple Explains Combining Their Finances

Spencer Alben: How do you think we are with money? Alex Alben: Oh, we actually don’t talk about money at all. Spencer [laughing]: Yeah, right. I’m Spencer Alben, and I’m a video producer. Alex: I’m Alex Alben, and I work in the music industry. Spencer: And we have been married for just over two and […]

How To Test Air Conditioner Time Delay Fuses

OK. These are fuses that I recovered that we’re blown in the system and what I wanted to show you is that a lot of times it only blows one of the fuses. So I wanted to show you how you can test these. Setting your volt meter to ohms verify that your volt meter […]

Father Dubbed Melted Man Refuses Medical Treatment

00:02 COMM: His shocking appearance has seen him labelled as the melted man. 50-year-old Mannan Modal was born without an eye, ear and most of his teeth, and is covered in continually growing tumours. 00:15 COMM: He has been shunned most of his life, but is still turning down medical help so he can continue […]

Tips to merge your banking with your partner

After the splash the chic and the fun of a wedding, couples have to decide whether to merge their money or remain financially separate. We’ve invited Janine Rogan today to give us tips on how to make that merging process a little bit easier. She is a personal finance blogger and Chartered Professional Accountant. Welcome […]

How Condensing Boilers Work – Plumbing Tips

– [Announcer] Plumberparts.co.uk Honest reviews and advice. Sponsored by heatandplumb.com – Hello and welcome to this week’s plumberparts.co.uk video. Today I’m gonna tell you all about condensing boilers. For the purposes of today’s video we’re going to use Grant Vortex Combi condensing boiler. This is the outdoor model as well. All I’m gonna show you […]