Sonny Flame – All We Had Is Gone (Official Video)

I feel that all we had is gone now We can’t even look each other in the eye You always said that you love me But now you act like an enemy You’re telling me you’re unhappy ‘Cause I am living just for me You’re taking all of my energy Yeah Leave me, like you […]

OrthoIndy Total Joint Anthem 15 sec

You’ve dreamed of doing more. With OrthoIndy, there’s no reason to stop now. Let our total joint replacement specialist help you recover quickly and make sure you don’t miss out because joins are replaceable, moments aren’t. Talk to OrthoIndy and get normal back, whatever your normal looks like.

Ellis’ Precious Metal Club Vlog! – IT’S FINALLY HERE!

ellis’ precious metal club t-shirts now available in the merch store! be sure to follow the main channel as well as jake’s cath’s ellis’ and alex’s channels on twitch for regular live streams! links in description! This is Ellis’s Precious Metal Club Vlog! This is not going to be a typical vlog because we thought […]