✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Iron Golem

Iron golems can be constructed in more than two orientations! Iron golems have exactly 100 HP. This makes it the 3rd toughest mob, as the ender dragon has 200 HP and the Wither has 300 HP. Iron golems don’t take fall damage! It doesn’t even care.. You would think the last two facts made it […]

The mobile opportunity – it’s time to do extraordinary things

MARK CHAPMAN: Today, we’re seeing entirely new business models and industries evolve, as companies use mobile technology to transform their customer experience and pursue their vision. Businesses of all sizes are using mobility to move faster, be more responsive and provide better customer experiences. We’re moving to a connected world, where so many things can […]


I think we should make a rocket-powered slap. All right, who else wants to make 50 bucks you slap with rocket? James: There’s the money shot. Riley: Look at all those rockets! This video is sponsored by War Dragons download for free on your mobile device. What, you’re about to see is incredibly dangerous and […]

Fantastic Featherlite: Chipola College Welding Classroom Trailer

Chipola College’s new Model 4941 is a little different than other classroom trailers we’ve made. This trailer was designed to teach welding students and give them hands-on experience. The final product is a trailer that stands apart from the rest, The trailer is divided into two sections. The front section is a classroom with desk […]