Millermatic 211 Welder Unboxing | Setup

I’ve got a new tool in the shop and I’m going to open the box right now it just came today Miller what I picked up is a miller 211 Miller Matic 211 wire feed welder went with blue this time didn’t go with lincoln this you know as far as specs go this will […]

Flux-Cored Welding Basics: What is Flux-Cored Welding?

The flux core arc welding process and self-shielding wires can be used when welding outside, or where other environmental conditions prevent the use of an external shielding gas. In this process, the outer covering and flux core melt in the heat of the arc, producing shielding gas and creating a slag covering that protects the […]

Buying Your First MIG Welder

Hey it’s Steve from Arc Academy. In this video what we’re gonna be doing is we’re going to be talking about things to consider when you’re purchasing your first MIG welder. So let’s talk about MIG welding, MIG welding the filler metal is your electrode and it’s on a spool of wire and it is […]