Welding Process Change Makes Manufacturer More Competitive

My name is Tony Driskill, I’m the General Manager for Sigma Manufacturing in Marietta, Georgia. We engineer and manufacture process heating systems. All sorts of end users, oil and gas, power companies, food processing, bio mass, anywhere you can use heat. We have a product that will probably help that process. We got into business […]

TIG Welding Aluminum Part 3: Puddle Control Tips

We’re going to start working on puddle control. Puddle control, again not introducing any filler metal at this time at all, is basically establishing the puddle and walking that puddle down the piece. Now aluminum being the heatsink that aluminum gets hot real quick. It’s kind of like driving a car downhill. It keeps picking […]

Tony Beets and Crew Share Secrets to Gold Mining Success

To be successful in mining you gotta have a little bit of luck. You get good years, you get bad years; just be stubborn, I think. Never give up, you know, and don’t overspend. The beets operation by itself, we have a good family operation. We’re very lucky to be involved with people and have […]

How Does Induction Heating Work in Welding?

Ever torn off the protective foil under the cap of a new bottle of vitamins? Then you’ve seen firsthand a result of induction heating. Induction heating helps heat the foil so it adheres to the bottle. It’s a common application used in commercial food and drug manufacturing as a way of applying safety seals, like […]

Miller Service Important to Marine Hardware Manufacturer

With all the challenges here today, equipment is certainly one of the concentrations. Equipment and support from that manufacturer. Support was probably one of the biggest things that drew us to the Dynasty 400. Customer service and our local rep, huge advantage over the competition. Whenever there’s an issue and we make a call, Miller’s […]

MIG Welding Techniques

Before we start we should discuss basic housekeeping. If you want good professional results, you need a clean workpiece. Everything from rust to paint to oil can contaminate your weld, so make sure your workpiece is clean and you’ve selected the proper shielding gas and established a flow rate of between twenty and thirty cubic […]

Why The Fusion 160 is Camburg Engineering’s Favorite Machine

Hi, I’m Jerry Zaiden, we’re here at Camburg Engineering at Huntington Beach, California and we’re showing you the new Miller Fusion 160. This is one of our favorite machines from Miller for a few reasons. One, this small machine right here, electric start, powers up a whole pit, 6500 watts. The second feature that we […]

Save Space on Work Trucks With Diesel All-In-One Solutions

– Introducing the newest Air Pak from Miller Electric, the Bobcat 200 Air Pak Diesel. Considering 60% of the work truck market is made up of diesel driven trucks, it only makes sense to build upon the already successful Bobcat 200 Air Pak and offer a diesel version. Work truck operators are looking to save […]

TIG Welding Tips: Using the Pulser Function to Add Filler Metal

Here’s a quick tip for some of you beginner TIG welders out there learning how to deposit the filler metal into the weld puddle. If your welding machine is equipped with a pulser like this Syncrowave® 210, you can set the pulser to help you with the timing of depositing the filler metal. Just get […]

TIG Welding Aluminum: AC Frequency Control

Read and follow all labels and the owner’s manual carefully before installing or operating your machine. Hi, I’m Brent Williams with Miller® Electric. We’re going to discuss the benefits of using AC frequency control for welding aluminum with the Miller Dynasty® and how to set this useful feature for optimum results. Let’s take a close […]