Miller TIG Welders: Start Welding Faster With Pro-Set

Sometimes, getting your advanced tech machines set up can be a challenge. There’s a lot of variables that you can set in the machine and get yourself out of a weldable condition. So one thing that we’ve got built in to the Syncrowave 210 and the Dynasty line of products, is gonna be called the […]

TIG Welding Tips and Techniques

Hi, I’m John Swartz from Miller® Electric. Throughout the course of a year, we get an opportunity to attend many events and shows and interact with our customers to talk about the TIG welding process. When we do, there tends to be a pretty common theme of questions that we get so we wanted to […]

Avoid Common TIG Welding Problems with a Dynasty TIG Welder

My biggest challenges with the welding of any material is sooting. I don’t like to see the fuzz around the weld and if there if there is going to be sooting around it I prefer to be white and sometimes I’ve get a little bit of a darker dingy colored sooting, especially on restart. To […]

TIG Welding Aluminum Manifolds with John Marcella

My name is John Marcella and I’m owner of Marcella Manifolds. Primarily build sheet metal intake manifolds for drag racing purposes. Do some extensive modifications of cast manifolds as well. I love the sport. I used my own car as kind of a testbed for some new ideas because you know you can’t just, you […]