Open Root DOWNHILL MIG (Using STT)

– Alright guys. Welcome back to another episode of Today I’m here again with Man Cub and we’re going to be talking about some STT or Service Tension Transfer, really good for thin materials, poor fit ups, large gaps, things of that nature. So today we’ve prepped up a three eights plate. I’ve got […]

RMD Welding Technology Doubles Productivity for Sigma Thermal

Anything that makes the welder’s job easier is a good investment, to me. Even with no profit, if it makes the guys’ job easier, you’ve made a better workplace, you’ve made a better environment. One of the things I love about the PipeWorx, it does a great job of MIG welding pipe. It also does […]

Welding Process Change Makes Manufacturer More Competitive

My name is Tony Driskill, I’m the General Manager for Sigma Manufacturing in Marietta, Georgia. We engineer and manufacture process heating systems. All sorts of end users, oil and gas, power companies, food processing, bio mass, anywhere you can use heat. We have a product that will probably help that process. We got into business […]