How to Solve the Shortage of Skilled Tradesmen – Mike Rowe Works TWS Jacksonville

here’s something to think about unemployment rates for college graduates are at an all-time high meanwhile there’s a shortage of skilled tradesmen electricians welders carpenters you know people that actually build things that means there’s real opportunity right now for anybody willing to take the time to learn a skill or master a trade parents […]

How to Get an Education in Welding at TWS – Mike Rowe Works

alternative education alternative to what exactly a four year degree life in a cubicle a decade of student loans people still talk today like the only path to a good job as an expensive degree from a big University bologna. Trade schools technical schools on-the-job training right now there’s real opportunity for anyone willing to […]

Learning from dirty jobs | Mike Rowe

The “Dirty Jobs” crew and I were called to a little town in Colorado, called Craig. It’s only a couple dozen square miles. It’s in the Rockies. And the job in question was sheep rancher. My role on the show, for those of you who haven’t seen it — it’s pretty simple. I’m an apprentice, […]

The Untold Truth Of Dirty Jobs Host Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe has made his name being a dirty, dirty man. Rowe was the ever-agreeable host of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs for eight glorious seasons of him roughing it with the bravest of blue-collar workers and followed that up with his equally daring CNN series Somebody’s Gotta Do It. But there’s a lot more to […]

Don’t Follow Your Passion

There are only two things I can tell you today that come with absolutely no agenda. The first is “Congratulations.” The second is “Good luck.” Everything else is what I like to call, “The Dirty Truth,” which is just another way of saying, “It’s my opinion.” And in my opinion, you have all been given […]