Most Powerful Weld Cleaner InoxFURY I Full Demonstration

Meet the Cougartron InoxFURY. The strongest electrolytic weld cleaner on the market. The only machine capable of cleaning all types of stainless steel welds. In this video we will provide a full demonstration of effective weld cleaning and marking with InoxFURY. Let’s start with the machine setup. First, attach the clamp to the workpiece. Then, […]

C&B Welding Manipulator Featuring Miller XMT MIG System (Demonstration)

¿Necesita usted mayores tasas de deposición de MIG? ¿Desea soldaduras continuas mucho más largas y la disminución de la fatiga del operador? ¿Se minimizarían sus problemas de soldadura con una solución de rastreo de costura de la soldadura? Presentamos la columna de MIG y el manipulante de la soldadura Boom: presentando el sistema de soldadura […]

Empower Your New Welders

Pressures ranging from the lack of skilled welders, increased quality demands, along with profit margins that must be met. Miller, Hobart and Bernard want to help with these pressures through our line of innovative products. The Miller Deltaweld with Intellx Feeder helps welders of any skillset with ease of use settings, pulse MIG welding and […]

Diagnosing Bad MIG Welds – Tip & Tricks for Setting Up Your MIG Welder

everybody it’s matt from eastwood company and welcome to another live broadcast or we’re going to teach you about east with tools and give you a little bit of knowledge if you guys haven’t watched one of our live broadcast before we try to make them as interactive as possible so we have over are […]

Innovative Pipe Welding Robot Integrates Miller MIG Welder

At Novarc we have developed the world’s first collaborative welding robot. It’s called Spool Welding Robot, designed to semi-automate the pipe welding process. With the SWR customers can increase their throughput, lower the cost of welding, and improve the weld quality of the pipes. SWR is unique because it’s a collaborative robot. That means there […]