How to do longitudinal welding?

How to do longitudinal welding? Today we are going to talk about an application for longitudinal welding The aim is to obtain high-speed beads in automated or robotised applications in wire process on carbon steel welding We will use a 3-thickness plate that we will have previously clamped to prevent distortions and the objective be […]

How to achieve clean and smooth arc-striking?

How to achieve clean and smooth arc-striking? One of the main conflicts during welding is the arc-striking phase When we begin to weld, the material is cold to start with, so when the wire sticks to the sheet metal it tends to bounce off The new generation machines have systems that facilitate ignition preventing arc-striking […]

Taylor Machine Works Builds Big Red Equipment With Miller

Forestry with Logbullet | Part 1: Welding

Hi. It’s Pekka from Logbullet and wellcome to Logbullet production facility. I manufacture Logbullets but I’m also forester I’m taking care of our forest with chainsaw or with clearing saw and taking care of our forest My plan is now that after Chirsmas I will take our chainsaw to forest and do some first thinning. […]

미그co2용접배우기01 – MIG 용접기로 각파이프 논가스(노가스) 용접테스트 (non gas mig welding ) rally161i

DIY mig welding cart | Tự làm xe đẩy MÁY HÀN thật tiện và gọn gàng các bác à

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Mig pipe fillet / CO2 파이프 필렛 쉽쥬?? / 5F자세(posithion)

Hi, I’m going to try to weld the CO2 fillet in 5F. I removed the membrane of the steel plate first. We’ll start welding. I’m going to start with the left gastrointestinal area. I filmed this video while changing the black glass. For 1pass welding, a small amount of gastric ice is required. This is […]