Sealey supermig 220 welder. Review rant!!

hey guys today I’m gonna do a review mobile want I’d say over Sealey super mig 220 I got this well duh like good ten years gonna be ten years looking some information what myself till all that you can understand where I’m coming from I’ve been a professional panel beta for four dealerships from […]


so what I want to talk about is the Chicago electric flux welder it’s 125 amp I picked this one up at Harbor Freight I got it on sale for $89.99 you know 90 bucks and I just bought it to do some basic bodywork on this 1987 Jeep Comanche that I’ve got now I […]

Visit Huayuan inverter arc stud welding machine RSN 2500HD!

this is the Huayuan inverter arc stud welding machine R-SN 2500 huayuan is a cnc cutting machine and wedling machine company from the China We have been engaged in welding and cutting equipment manufacturing for nearly 20 years, with extensive experience and strong manufacturing capabilities We hope to cooperate with other countries in the world. […]

Load a Weld Program: Deltaweld Systems, Intellx Feeders

Setting up a weld program allows you to maximize your weld performance by being able to select your wire, gas and material type. Let me show you how to set up a weld program on the Intellx Feeder. First, pick your process, MIG or Accu-Pulse. Next, you have to select your wire type, steel, metal […]

NEW Millermatic 255 Helps Reduce Downtime

Think Simply. Weld Smarter. With the Millermatic 255. Solving problems that reduce productivity, like difficult-to-use machines that cause downtime. The Millermatic 255 has a simple user interface, that’s easy for welders of all skill levels. It cuts setup and changeover time by 40 percent. With other machines, trial and error is the only way to […]

3D Printing Stainless Steel with Giant Robot Arms

This is a teach pendant, and traditionally, it’s how you teach a robot arm to do something. It’s awkward. Two of the problems with programming robots the traditional way are that you need to tell it exactly what you want it to do, point to point. The other is that the robot assumes that nothing […]

How To Bodywork A Car & Spray Primer-Surfacer on Hands-On Cars 11 – Get It Straight – from Eastwood

on this episode of hands on cars Kevin’s buddies show up to help do the bodywork on the camaro then he sprays it in eastwood hi build primer surfacer and gets a ride in an awesome unrestored 59 Impala hey guys kevin gates for hands-on cars well as s looks a lot different than the […]

Oxford rt250 oil cooled arc welder. Built to last.

hi guys today’s of you have you in my old Oxford RT 250 oil-cooled well die which has been absolutely fantastic machine my boys have a cold 250 amp it could be either for 15 or 2/3 you know 240 volts but what a fantastic machine another sort of 10 years and there’s nothing bad […]

How to MIG Weld a Grinder Stand

– Hi, I’m Joel Ort with Hobart Welding Products. Today we have a project for you that is more of a need than a project. What I mean by that is I’m going to be building a grinder stand. And the reason for that is I’ve always had my grinder sitting on my workbench, so […]